Water Pollution:                                                         

Water poll-ution can be defined in a number of ways:

Water pollution is the presence of any foreign substance (organic, inorganic, radio logical, or biological) in water which tends to degrade the quality. So as to constitute a hazard , or impairs the usefulness of water.


Water poll-ution is adding to water of any substance or the changing of water’s physical characteristics in any way. Which interferes with its use for any legitimate purpose.

Similarities and some dissimilarities:

All these definition show some similarities and some dissimilarities; however, the basic elements of most definitions are the concentration of particular pollutants in water. For sufficient period of time to cause certain effects.

If the effects are health related ,such as those caused by pathogenic bacterial intrusion. The term “ contamination” is appropriate. Effects that have to do with quality requirements related to usage can serve as a basis. For defining a condition of water poll-ution.


Sources of Water Pollution:

 There are two main sources of water poll-ution in water body:

1) Point sources

 2) Non -point sources.

The total waste load in water body is represented by the sum of all point and nonpoint pollutant sources.        Individual water pollu-tion sources are manifold,and the resulting water quality is unlikely to be attributable. To single type of pollutant or single sources.

Some of the major sources of water pollution are municipal waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste ,erosion ,and other hazardous substances . Acid mine drainage ,mine sediments and watercraft waste .

 Pollution of water resources can be caused by one or more of the following sources:

Atmospheric dissolved gases, Weathering of soul and rock minerals, Decomposition of animal and vegetable materials Industrial effluents ,Sewage and municipal wastes.

     Effect of Water Pollution:

The main problem cause by water pollution that its kill organism that depend on the water bodies. Dead fishes and many other animals often wind up on beaches, killed by pollutants in their habitat.

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