What is matter,state of matter and how matter can be classified

Matter             Anything that has mass and occupy space is called matter. HOW MATTER is CLASSIFIED ? All matter can be classified as either a mixture or a pure substance. Mixtures can be homogeneous or heterogeneous. Pure substances…

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Six Sigma Concept ISO Standard in analytical chemistry


SIX SIGMA CONCEPT: To achieve Six Sigma, a process must not produce more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities.   Six Sigma DMAIC process:   The Six Sigma DMAIC process (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) is an improvement…

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What is Filtration,apparatus for filtration and Ignition Of Solids.

Filtering Crucibles,chemistryfunda

 Filtration and Ignition Of Solids Filtration is a process in which we separate the substance on the bases of their different physical and chemical properties or qualities. Several techniques and experimental arrangements allow solids to be filtered and…

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What is sampling and preparation of sample process in analytical chemistry

choice of sample (sampling)

Sampling: Sampling is most important in a chemical analysis.Chemical analysis use only a small fraction of the available sample.The fraction of soil is collected for analysis must be representative of the bulk material.          …

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What is weighing and General rules for Weighing in analytical chemistry

general rules for weighing and apparatus

GENERAL RULES FOR WEIGHING  The specific operation of your particular balance will be explained by your instructor. The main objectives are to protect all pans from dust and corrosion, avoid contamination or change in load (of sample or…

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TYPES OF WEIGHING-WHAT ACCURACY DO YOU NEED? TYPES OF WEIGHING There are two types of weighing done in analytical chemistry, rough or accurate. Rough weighing to two or three significant figures are normally used when the amount of substance…

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What are pipettes,types and function of pipette in laboratory

pipets that use in laboratory

PIPETS The pipets are used to transfer a particular volume of solution. As such, it is often used to deliver a certain fraction (aliquot) of a solution. To ascertain the fraction ,the original volume of solution from which…

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Define volumetric flask and how to prepare solution using volumetric flasks

Volumetric flasks or instrument

VOLUMETRIC FLASKS Volumetric flasks are used for the dilution of solutions to a certain volume. They come in a variety of sizes , from 5 mL to 1000 mL or more. Volumetric Flask design: These flasks are designed…

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what is Colour and Absorption spectra of complexes and actinide ions


Colour and  Absorption spectra of complexes : The best achievement of CFT(crystal field theory) is its success in interpreting the colours absorption spectra of transition metal complexes. The presence of a partially filled d-sub-shell on the metal is usually necessary…

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What is organic chemistry and difference between organic and inorganic compound

Organic chemistry Old definition: The branch of chemistry which deals with the study of compounds of carbon however the oxide of carbon,carbon mono oxide,carbon dioxide,carbonate,bicarbonate (CO,CO2,CO3–2,HCO3 ,CN-) etc.Exception to this general definition of organic chemistry. These carbon containing…

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