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What is Dipole Moment ?Explanation;(organic chemistry)


DIPOLE MOMENT; A dipole moment is the measurement of the separation of two opposite electrical charges.    In most of the organic molecules there is a charge separation which may be either due to the difference in  electronegativities…

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Esters in organic chemistry?Explanation |chemistry funda


Esters: Esters are the Substances which are obtained after the elimination of a water molecule between an acid-and an alcohol.     Since ester’s are regarded as formed from an acid and an alcohol, their names are derived…

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Preparation of Esters in organic chemistry| chemistry funda


Preparation of Esters Ester is usually prepared by their reaction with alcohols (or phenols) from carboxylic acids or their functional derivatives. Some of the common methods for the . preparation of esters are given below.  1. Preparation of ester by Direct esterification:  Esters are usually prepared by refluxing a mixture of a carboxylic acid and an…

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