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What are types of paper chromatography?Explain

simple and paper chromatography diagram by chemistryfunda

Chromatography: Introduction: Chromatography (Greek Chroma, color; Graphe, writing) is technique for the separation of mixture of solutes brought about by the dynamic partition or, distribution of dissolved or dispersed materials between two immiscible phases, One of which is…

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What is Design qualification,responsibilities and scope of design qualification


DESIGN QUALIFICATION Definition: “Design qualification (DQ) is the documented collection of activities that define the functional and operational specifications of the instrument and criteria for selection of the vector, based on the intended purpose of the instrument.” Design…

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What are Interhalogen compound,structure and properties of interhalogen?


 Interhalogen Compound: The halogen due to the difference in electronagativity , combine with another to form a number of binary compound known as interhalogen compound. Four type of such interhalogen compound are known as namely AB, AB3 ,AB5…

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