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Organic matter in water and its decomposition


Organic matter in water and its decomposition  Organic matter in water : The matter which are organic in nature are organic matter. They demand oxygen for their breakdown in waste water. This group includes oxygen demanding wastes, disease…

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How to Remove Nitrogen from waste water by using common process?


Nitrogen Removal : Nitrogen is the algal nutrient most commonly removed as part of advanced wastewater treatment. In municipal waste water it is present as an organic nitrogen or ammonia. This is because it is expensive to aerate…

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What is Toxicity Of Heavy Metals and sources of toxic metals?


TOXICITY OF HEAVY METALS: Toxic Metals such as Ag , Cd , Cr , Cu , Hg , Mn , Mo , Ni , Pb , Sb , Tl , U , V and Zn tend to be…

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What is Atom economy and Water-based paints?


ATOM ECONOMY: Atom economy is defined as “ The ratio of the formula weight of the target molecule to the formula weights of all the starting materials and the reagents. It indicates the intrinsic efficiency of the desired…

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Aerosols definition and classification of aerosols|chemistry funda


 Atmospheric Aerosols:                     An “aerosols” is by definition “a collection of solid or liquid particle in suspension in gas. Strictly speaking the term aerosols includes both the particles and the…

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Waste water treatment,Industrial Agricultural sources of pollution.


 Waste Water Treatment: Waste water Treatment (liquid waste) from flushing the toilet, bathing, washing sinks and general cleaning goes down the drain and into pipe ,which join a large sewer pipe under the road . The larger pipe…

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Water pollution and Sources of Water Pollution|chemistry funda


Water Pollution:                                                           Water poll-ution can be defined in a number…

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Water Purification,primary,Secondary and Tertiary treatment of Waste water?


Water purification:                     Water purification is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from water. Water purification goal :          …

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Explanation of Water quality Criteria and Water purification


Water quality criteria:         EPA develops water quality criteria for determining when water has become un save for people and wild life using the latest scientific knowledge. This criteria are recommendations  state and tribal governments…

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