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Organic matter in water and its decomposition|chemistry funda


Organic matter in water : The organic matter in fact is organic matter.They require oxygen for their waste water breakdown. This group includes oxygen demanding wastes, disease causing agent e-g sewage, synthetic organic compound, oil, industrial and runoff agricultural land etc. All of these material undergo degradation by bacterial activities. In the…

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Toxic Metals-Toxicity Of Heavy Metals and sources of toxic metals?


Toxic Metals- TOXICITY OF HEAVY METALS: Toxic Metals such as Ag , Cd , Cr , Cu , Hg , Mn , Mo , Ni , Pb , Sb , Tl , U , V and Zn tend…

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Water pollution and Sources of Water Pollution|chemistry funda


Water Pollution:                                                          Water poll-ution can be defined in a number…

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