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What are Major intra and Extra cellular electrolytes and role in human body


MAJOR INTRA AND EXTRA CELLULAR ELECTROLYTES: Electrolytes: An electrolytes is defined as any substance that dissociates into ions in aqueous solution. Ions can be positively charged (cations) or negatively charged (anions). The major electrolytes found in the human…

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What is Protein and structure of protein


Protein: Protein are polymers of amino acids. The name of proteins is derived from the Greek word called proteios. It mean first place. Protein always contain atom of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen ,oxygen and some times sulfur 50% of…

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What are Carbohydrates and Classifications of Carbohydrates ?


Carbohydrates:    Carbohydrates, also called Carbs, are defined as aldehydic or ketonic compounds with some number of oxydrilic groups (so polyhydroxy aldehydes or ketones as well).  Carbohydrates are usually defined as substances containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, with…

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What are the Functions of Carbohydrates? Explain


Functions of carbohydrates:  They are used as material for energy storage and production. Starch and glycogen  respectively in plants and animals. They are stored carbohydrates from which glucose can be mobilized for energy production. Glucose can supply energy both…

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Tests for different Carbohydrates,Proteins and Lipids.


Tests for different carbohydrates, proteins and Lipids: General tests for Carbohydrates: Experiment Observation Inference Sulphuric acid test 2ml O.S. +1ml of conc.H2SO4 Charring or blackening of colour Carbohydrate is present Molisch s Test 2-3ml O.S.+few drops of freshly…

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Six Concept of Acid and Bases?


Six CONCEPT OF ACID AND BASE: There are six concept of acid and bases. We discuss one by one in the following. THE ARRHENIUS  CONCEPT:-  Define:– According to this an acid is defined as a hydrogen containing substance…

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Arrhenius Concept,Bronsted,LUX-Flood,Usanovich and A-B Strengths


THE ARRHENIUS  CONCEPT:- According to Arrhenius concept An acid is defined as a hydrogen containing substance which gives H+ ion (H3O+) when dissolved in water. * A base is a substance which contains OH groups and gives hydroxyl…

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Relative strength of acids and bases |chemistry funda


Relative strength of acids and bases: According to Bronsted, the strength of an acid (Relative strength of acids and bases) is measured from its tendency to denote a proton and that of a base from its tendency to…

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Bronsted lowry acid and bases | chemistry funda


Bronsted lowry acid and base Strength :   We rank the strengths of acids by their tendency to form hydronium ion in aqueous solution. The reaction of an acid with water is given by the general expression HA…

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What is an Indicator,Ostwald’s theory,Quinonoid theory|chemistry funda


Theory of Indicator: An indicator is a substance which show characteristic change in its colour. When comes in contact with acid or base and thus it is used to determine dicators the degree of acidity or basicity of…

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